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Sole Survivors

Inaugural Fundraiser

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Reclaiming Courage, Rewriting Stories,  uniting Survivors

Create.      Connect.    Contribute. 

Soles Survivors: Create, Connect, Contribute is not just a fundraising event; it's a bold step forward in solidarity, strength, and support for male survivors of sexual trauma. Each shoe you design is more than a fashion piece; it's a mark of resilience, a badge of courage, and a statement that you stand with these brave men.

Every custom shoe tells a story of triumph over adversity. Your individual creativity helps forge a tangible symbol of determination and recovery. By crafting a pair, you not only engage in masculine artistry but also join a brotherhood committed to rebuilding lives and restoring dignity.

The funds raised through this initiative will be channeled directly into programs that provide counseling, mentorship, and a community where survivors can find understanding and strength. We focus on empowering these men to overcome the past and stride confidently into the future.

Sole Survivors is more than a connection; it's a commitment. It's about standing shoulder to shoulder, recognizing the struggles, and offering a hand to those working to overcome. Your participation inspires others, creating a network of support and hope.

Join us in this powerful movement. Design a shoe that resonates with strength, connect with a community united in action, and contribute to a cause that digs deep into the heart of manhood. Together, we can take strides toward recovery, resilience, and renewal.

Embrace your creativity. Design with conviction. Be a part of this extraordinary mission. Join Sole Survivors today, because every step is a stride toward healing, courage, and camaraderie.

Sneaker Head University 
133 S. State St. Chicago, IL November 9,  2023

Bring your own sneaker and choose from quality paints, laces, stencils, and more! 


- BRING YOUR OWN SHOE you may bring any shoe of your choice. Registration prices do not include shoes 


- Children under the age of 13 require assistance from a guardian! Guardians who do not want to customize their own pair can select Guest Pass allowing a guardian to assist the child with their shoes during the customization session. 


- Please arrive on time workshops last roughly 3 hours.


- Also note, you DO NOT need a new pair of sneakers for this class, yet new or gently worn WHITE shoes are suggested for the best outcomes! Commonly used shoes include Converse or Canvas based sneakers, as well as Nike Air Force or leather based.

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