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Executive Summary

The Ark Conference is an innovative two-day event aimed at providing a refuge for Christian survivors of sexual abuse, as well as equipping church leaders with the essential tools to effectively support those impacted by such trauma. This conference stands out by offering a platform for healing, empowerment, and community within a Christ-centered and social justice framework. By focusing on Advocacy, Restoration, and Knowledge (ARK), it aspires to not only aid survivors in their healing journey but also to empower church leaders to create a nurturing environment that acknowledges and validates survivors' experiences with faith and compassion.


1. To Cultivate a Safe and Healing Environment: Create a supportive atmosphere where survivors and church leaders can openly share experiences and find validation.


2. To Provide Christ-Centered Healing Pathways: Highlight the healing power of faith, weaving Christian principles and scripture into both personal recovery and community support.


3. To Equip Survivors and Church Leaders with Resources and Education: Deliver knowledge, tools, and professional resources to both survivors for their healing and church leaders to better support their congregations.


4. To Advocate for Justice and Change: Tackle systemic issues around sexual abuse, raising awareness and advocating for policy changes, with a focus on how church leaders can be agents of change.


5. To Build a Strong Community of Support: Connect survivors with a network of peers, professionals, and church leaders, fostering an enduring support system

Conference Structure

Day 1: Advocacy and Awareness

• Opening Session: A welcoming ceremony to instill hope, community, and shared faith among attendees.

• Keynote Speech: "Navigating the Storm: Advocacy and Faith in the Journey of Healing," addressing both survivors and church leaders.

• Breakout Sessions: For understanding trauma from a Christian perspective, selfadvocacy, and how church leaders can effectively support survivors.

• Panels and Discussions: With survivors, clergy, therapists, and legal experts on faith, healing, and justice collaboration

Day 2: Restoration and Knowledge

• Morning Worship: Optional service for renewal, strength, and comfort through worship and prayer, led by and for survivors and church leaders.

• Educational Workshops: Covering coping strategies, legal rights, and creating faith-based support networks, specifically tailored for church leaders and survivors.

• Healing Circles: Safe spaces for sharing and healing, facilitated to encourage open dialogue between survivors and church leaders.

• Closing Ceremony: A service of hope and empowerment, sending off participants with blessings, resources, and a strengthened sense of community.

Target Audience

Christian survivors of sexual abuse, church leaders, counselors, advocates, and allies committed to supporting the healing journey through a Christ-centered approach.

Location and Date

To be determined, aiming for a central, accessible venue. The proposed timeframe is [insert date range], allowing for ample planning and outreach.

Budget Overview

A detailed budget will account for venue hire, speaker fees, security, catering, promotional efforts, and support for participants needing financial aid.


The Ark Conference seeks to be a lighthouse of hope and strength for survivors of sexual abuse and a transformative experience for church leaders. By integrating advocacy, restoration, and knowledge, the conference aims to heal and empower survivors while equipping church leaders with the skills to support their congregations effectively, fostering a wave of positive change and support within the broader Christian community.

Conference Overview

The Ark Conference: Advocacy, Restoration, Knowledge for Survivors of Sexual Abuse The Ark Conference is a transformative two-day event designed to provide a sanctuary for Christian survivors of sexual abuse.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer a platform for healing, empowerment, and community through a Christ-centered and social justice approach. The conference is structured around three foundational pillars: Advocacy, Restoration, and Knowledge (ARK), aiming to equip survivors with the tools, resources, and support needed to navigate their journey of healing. This conference is unique in its integration of faith and healing, providing an environment that acknowledges and validates survivors' experiences within a framework of compassion and understanding. By focusing on both holistic healing and practical support, The Ark Conference addresses the multifaceted needs of survivors, offering workshops, keynote speeches, and breakout sessions led by experts in the fields of trauma recovery, faithbased counseling, and social justice advocacy.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a ripple effect of healing and empowerment that extends beyond the event itself, fostering a supportive community that continues to uplift and advocate for survivors long after the conference has ended. The Ark Conference is not just an event; it's the beginning of a movement toward healing and hope.

Audience Demographics

Expected Attendees The Ark Conference is designed for a diverse audience, including but not limited to:

• Survivors of Sexual Abuse: Individuals from various backgrounds and walks of life, seeking healing and empowerment from their experiences.

• Church Leaders: Pastors, ministry leaders, and church staff who wish to better support their congregations and communities.

• Counselors and Therapists: Professionals specializing in trauma recovery, particularly those with a focus on faith-based counseling.

• Advocates and Social Workers: Individuals working within the sphere of social justice, advocating for survivors' rights and systemic change.

• Faith-Based Community Members: Anyone within the Christian community who feels called to support survivors and participate in a movement of healing and advocacy

Geographical Locations

While The Ark Conference is based in your cidty we anticipate attracting participants from across the country, given the universal relevance of our mission and the accessibility of our event, including virtual attendance options.

Demographic Data

• Age Range: Adults 18 years and older, with a focus on providing relevant content for all adult age groups.

• Gender: Inclusive of all genders, recognizing the importance of supporting all survivors.

• Faith Background: Primarily targeting the Christian community but open and welcoming to individuals of all faiths who are interested in a Christ-centered approach to healing.


This wide-ranging demographic underscores the conference's commitment to inclusivity and support for survivors from all walks of life, aiming to foster a broad community of healing and empowerment.

Media and Marketing Plan


To maximize visibility and engagement for The Ark Conference and its sponsors through targeted media and marketing efforts, reaching a wide audience of Christian survivors of sexual abuse, church leaders, counselors, and advocates across various platforms. Strategies:


1. Social Media Campaigns: Utilize platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote the conference, share speaker highlights, and acknowledge sponsors. Tailored posts will include sponsor logos, links to sponsor websites, and messages of thanks for their support.


2. Email Newsletters: Regular updates leading up to the conference will be sent to our extensive mailing list, which includes past attendees, interested individuals, church groups, and professional networks. Newsletters will feature sponsor logos and brief descriptions of their contributions.


3. Press Releases: Distribute press releases to local and national media outlets, including Christian radio stations, magazines, and blogs, to announce the conference and highlight the involvement of major sponsors.


4. Conference Website: A dedicated section on the conference website will showcase sponsors, including logos, company descriptions, and links to their websites. The site will also feature detailed conference information, speaker bios, and a schedule of events.


5. Printed Materials: Promotional flyers, posters, and conference programs will include sponsor logos and acknowledgments. These materials will be distributed in local churches, community centers, and through partner organizations.


6. Event Signage and Visuals: During the conference, sponsor logos will be prominently displayed on event signage, banners, and in presentation slides between sessions

Sponsor Benefits:


• Brand Visibility: Sponsors will benefit from extensive exposure across all conference-related media and marketing materials, both digital and physical.


• Targeted Reach: Marketing efforts are designed to reach a niche audience deeply invested in the themes of the conference, providing sponsors with targeted visibility among potential customers or supporters.


• Community Engagement: Sponsors will be recognized as key supporters of an important cause, enhancing their reputation and engagement within both the Christian and broader social justice communities

Testimonials and Success Stories

Our vision is to create a ripple effect of healing and empowerment that extends beyond the event itself, fostering a supportive community that continues to uplift and advocate for survivors long after the conference has ended. The Ark Conference is not just an event; it's the beginning of a movement toward healing and hope.

Testimonials and Success Stories

From Past Participants: "Attending 'The Ark Conference' was a turning point in my healing journey. The sense of community, understanding, and faith-driven support was transformative. I am deeply grateful for the experience and the sponsors who made it possible."

From Past Sponsors: "Supporting 'The Ark Conference' was a remarkable opportunity to connect with our community on a deeper level. Seeing firsthand the impact of our contribution on the lives of survivors reinforced our commitment to meaningful, faith-based support."

Success Story: Last year, "The Ark Conference" welcomed over 500 attendees from across the country, featuring 20 speakers and facilitating over 30 workshops and sessions focused on healing, advocacy, and empowerment. The event garnered significant media attention, with coverage in major Christian publications and social media platforms, highlighting the invaluable support of our sponsors. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with participants and speakers alike praising the inclusive, supportive atmosphere and the tangible sense of community and hope that emerged from the conference.


The Ark Conference is an innovative two-day event committed to providing a sanctuary for Christian survivors of sexual abuse, fostering an environment of healing, empowerment, and community through a Christ-centered and social justice lens. As we focus on Advocacy, Restoration, and Knowledge (ARK), our mission is not only to support survivors in their journey of healing but also to equip church leaders with the necessary tools and resources to effectively assist those impacted by sexual abuse within their communities.

Partnership Objective

The primary objective of this partnership is to collaborate with church leaders across various denominations to host "The Ark Conference." This collaboration aims to extend the reach and impact of the conference, ensuring that survivors and church communities nationwide have access to a supportive and understanding environment that promotes healing and empowerment.

Benefits to Church Leaders and Their Communities

• Enhanced Support for Survivors: Church leaders will gain access to specialized resources and training to better support survivors of sexual abuse in their congregations.

• Community Empowerment: Hosting the conference will empower church communities by fostering a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding sexual abuse and the importance of a supportive and compassionate response.

• Strengthened Faith-Based Outreach: The conference will serve as an opportunity to reinforce the role of faith in healing and advocacy, aligning with the church's mission of compassion and service.

• Networking and Collaboration: Church leaders will have the opportunity to connect with other faith leaders, professionals, and advocates in the field, enhancing their network and collaborative efforts to support survivors.

Proposed Structure for Church Leader Involvement

1. Pre-Conference Workshops: Host workshops led by experts in trauma, counseling, and pastoral care to prepare leaders for the conference and beyond.

2. Conference Sessions: Church and community leaders will be invited to participate in and co-facilitate breakout sessions, panels, and discussions, sharing their insights and experiences.

3. Post-Conference Support Network: Establish a continuing support network for church leaders, providing ongoing resources, counseling referrals, and advocacy tools

Commitment from Church Leaders

We seek church leaders who are committed to:

• Providing a venue for the conference or regional meetings.

• Promoting the conference within their networks and communities.

• Participating in the planning and execution of the conference.

• Engaging in post-conference activities to maintain momentum and support for survivors. 

Financial Considerations

We propose a collaborative approach to funding and resources, with potential avenues including:

• Shared funding models between our organization and church partners. • Seeking external funding through grants, donations, and sponsorships. • Providing resources and materials at a subsidized cost to ensure accessibility for all participants.


The Ark Conference represents a vital step forward in addressing sexual abuse within Christian communities, offering a path to healing that is grounded in faith, understanding, and action. By partnering with church leaders, we aim to amplify our impact, reaching more survivors with the message of hope and empowerment. We invite you to join us in this mission, forging a partnership that will bring about transformative change and healing for countless individuals

The Ark Conference Partnership & Sponsorship Proposal


The Ark Conference invites your organization to join us in a groundbreaking effort to support survivors of sexual abuse through a transformative two-day event. This conference, centered around Advocacy, Restoration, and Knowledge (ARK), aims to provide a sanctuary for healing, empowerment, and community, integrating a Christcentered and social justice approach. We are seeking partnerships and sponsorships with churches, faith-based organizations, and businesses committed to making a tangible impact in the lives of survivors and their communities.

Why Partner with Us?

• Direct Impact: Your support helps provide essential resources, expert speakers, and a safe environment for survivors to begin or continue their healing journey.

• Visibility: Gain recognition within a broad network of attendees, including Christian survivors, church leaders, counselors, and advocates, highlighting your commitment to faith-based healing and social justice.

• Community Engagement: Play a vital role in fostering a supportive community that extends beyond the conference, through ongoing initiatives and resources for survivors.

Partnership & Sponsorship Levels

Platinum Partner - $10,000

• Prime logo placement on all conference materials, website, and social media.

• Special mention during the opening and closing ceremonies.

• Opportunity to address attendees during the conference.

• Complimentary exhibition space and 10 free conference registrations.

Gold Partner - $5,000

• Logo placement on conference materials, website, and social media.

• Mention during the opening ceremony.

• Complimentary exhibition space and 5 free conference registrations.

Silver Partner - $2,500

• Logo placement on conference materials and website.

• Mention in conference promotional materials.

• 3 free conference registrations.

Bronze Partner - $1,000

• Logo placement on the conference website.

• Mention in select conference promotional materials.

• 2 free conference registrations.

Community Sponsor - $500

• Name listed on the conference website.

• 1 free conference registration.

Custom Partnership Opportunities

We understand that each organization is unique. If you are interested in customizing your partnership or sponsorship, please let us know. We are open to creating tailored packages that align with your mission and objectives, including scholarships for attendees, sponsoring specific sessions or speakers, and other innovative collaborations.


Partnering with "The Ark Conference" offers a unique opportunity to stand at the forefront of a critical cause, directly contributing to the healing and empowerment of survivors of sexual abuse within a faith-based context. Your support will enable us to create a meaningful, impactful event that not only addresses the immediate needs of survivors but also fosters a lasting community of support and advocacy.


For more information on partnership and sponsorship opportunities, or to discuss a custom package, please contact Robert H. Marshall Jr. at 708-548-9209 or via email at

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