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our services


our services

The Survivors Circle provides a range of services tailored to the diverse needs of corporate entities, community organizations, families, and survivors of sexual trauma. Our services include:

Training and Workshops: Offering comprehensive training programs and workshops on sexual abuse awareness, prevention, and intervention strategies for corporate entities, community organizations, and families.

Survivor Support Groups: Facilitating peer-to-peer support groups for survivors of sexual trauma, promoting healing and empowerment through shared experiences and emotional support. 

Educational Resources: Developing and distributing educational materials on sexual abuse, including signs of abuse, reporting procedures, and coping mechanisms for survivors and their families.

Counseling and Therapy Referrals: Providing referrals to trauma-informed therapists and counselors for survivors and their families seeking professional mental health support. 

Legal Advocacy: Assisting survivors in navigating the legal system by connecting them with experienced attorneys and advocates and providing guidance on their rights and options.

Corporate Consulting: Collaborating with businesses to develop and implement policies, procedures, and best practices that create safer and more inclusive work environments, addressing sexual harassment and abuse.

Community Outreach: Engaging with local community organizations, schools, and faith-based groups to raise awareness, promote prevention, and foster a culture of support for survivors of sexual trauma.

Public Policy Advocacy: Working with lawmakers and policymakers at all levels to promote and support legislation that protects survivors, holds perpetrators accountable, and advances a culture of prevention.

Crisis Intervention: Offering immediate support, guidance, and resources to survivors and their families in the aftermath of sexual abuse, ensuring that they receive the care and support they need.

Survivor Empowerment Programs: Organizing events, workshops, and campaigns aimed at empowering survivors, encouraging them to share their stories, and promoting self-care and healing.

who we are

The Survivors Circle is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting male survivors of sexual trauma, particularly those in urban communities worldwide. Our mission is grounded in four key pillars: Research, Advocacy, Empowerment, and Safety.

1. Research: We are committed to advancing the knowledge base surrounding male sexual trauma. Partnering with universities and research institutions, we delve into the unique needs, experiences, and recovery paths of survivors. We focus particularly on the link between socioeconomic factors and the prevalence of sexual abuse among males in urban communities. Our research aids in creating more effective, informed, and tailored interventions for survivors.

2. Advocacy: We strive to amplify the voices of male survivors and affect meaningful change in public awareness, societal attitudes, and policies. Through targeted campaigns and engagements with lawmakers and other organizations, we work to ensure that male sexual trauma is recognized, understood, and addressed at every level of society.

3. Empowerment: We believe that survivors should have access to resources that can help them rebuild their lives. Our resource portal and empowerment programs aim to help survivors regain their sense of self, build resilience, and navigate their journey to wholeness. We also provide academic support and mentorship to aid survivors in overcoming academic hurdles and realizing their full potential.

4. Safety: We understand the profound importance of safety in the healing process. The Survivors Circle strives to provide a secure, supportive environment where survivors can express themselves without fear. We work to establish safety guidelines and protocols and collaborate with relevant organizations to offer safety workshops.


Through these pillars, The Survivors Circle seeks to offer a holistic, comprehensive support system for male survivors of sexual trauma. We see the survivor behind the statistics, we acknowledge their experiences, and we are committed to helping them move from merely surviving to thriving.

our promise

The Survivors Circle is committed to humanizing the lived experiences of male survivors of sexual trauma, particularly those from urban communities. We believe that each survivor’s story is unique and deserves to be acknowledged, respected, and heard.


We promise to create safe spaces that foster openness, understanding, and healing. We are committed to helping survivors journey towards wholeness at their own pace and in their own way. Recognizing the complexity of this journey, we also strive to empower family members, friends, and allies of survivors to walk alongside them, offering support, empathy, and strength.


Our organization is dedicated to transforming the narrative around male sexual trauma, shifting focus from statistics to individuals, from stigma to acceptance, and from trauma to healing. By standing together, we can reshape the trajectory for boys and men in urban communities and help them emerge stronger and more resilient.

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