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Join The Survivors Circle: A Safe Space for Male Survivors

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a safe space for male survivors

Vision Statement

Vision Statement

The Survivors Circle envisions a world where every individual affected by sexual abuse is empowered to reclaim their voice, heal their wounds, and thrive in a compassionate and understanding society. 

Mission Statement

The Survivors Circle is dedicated to advocating for survivors of sexual abuse, fostering their personal growth and recovery through research, comprehensive education, resources, and support services. We collaborate with communities, institutions, and policymakers to raise awareness, promote understanding, and drive lasting change in order to prevent abuse and ensure a safer world for all.

Defining Boys and Men in Urban Communities

At The Survivors Circle, we understand that 'boys and men in urban communities' refers to a diverse group of individuals living in densely populated, often economically disadvantaged areas around the world. Urban communities, marked by their unique social, economic, and cultural dynamics, are often disproportionately impacted by sexual abuse and trauma.


Through our extensive research, we have discovered that sexual abuse among males is more closely tied to poverty and socioeconomic factors rather than racial or ethnic identity. Factors such as lack of access to quality education, limited resources, high crime rates, and systemic issues contribute to the heightened vulnerability of boys and men in these communities.

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